FoxGrowth Services

We're your Growth Marketers for hire, here are some typical examples of problems we can help solve.

Setup & Configuration

We can assist with your Customer Data Platform architecture, providing guidance on not only what tools to use, but also specifics around how your customer schemas and data structures should be setup to scale as your business grows, and so do your marketing ambitions.

Customer Journey Mapping

We can not only document your customer journey, but leverage data to identify how many users are at each point, how many journey points are at risk, and recommendations on next steps.

Lifecycle Marketing

Automated lifecycle messages targeted to your customer journey: everything from welcome series, to churn surveys, to product upsells. We leverage your existing tools and can easily execute these in a measureable, omnichannel manner.

Acquisition & Optimisation

We can design and optimise landing pages, give recommendations on acquisition strategies, and prodivde ongoing measurement and guidance around what is working - and what is not.


We have extensive experience dealing with customer churn. We can create a holistic program to tackle your customer churn, starting with customer surveys and looking at data, developing hypothesis to improve churn, and then move towards executing of these programs across your tools.

Experimentation Backlogs

We have frameworks to help you collect potential Growth experiments - be them simple A/B tests, or elaborate growth "hacks"! We can not only maintain a backlog (and solicit inputs) but also be relied on to execute on the backlog with your internal tools.

Operating Procedure

No duplicative tools

We never recommend using additional tools. Whatever tools you use - we'll use. We do not wish to contribute to "ESP Sprawl" by onboarding more vendors.

Measure everything

All of our execution has a control group - we believe this is critical, as its the only way to confidently be able to assign attribution to our work.

Lead Bullets, not Silver

We're not precious about our ideas, we believe Growth happens with volume: we want as many of your growth ideas as you can give us.

Technical Execution

Whenever possible, we develop automated scripts to parse your data. Whenever possible, we automate emails into the customer journey. Our goal is to establish programs that are "always on" and do not require ongoing maintenance, just ongoing optimisation.