ECommerce Bundle

Perhaps you’re running an existing ecommerce business, or maybe you’re just starting one. Spending some time setting up the below Growth marketing stack will be the most valuable time you can spend to grow your business. Here is what we recommend.



We always recommend as your customer data layer. A customer data layer allows you to onboard your data and export it to various tools. For example, if you’re using Shopify - which you really should be - you can onboard your Shopify data to Segment, and then send it to various tools that we recommend.

pic1 is the email tool we recommend for ecommerce marketers. It’s a comprehensive email marketing platform that supports basic things - like newsletters, and cart abandonment emails - all the way to sophisticated emails like recommendations, referrals and net promoter scores.


Attribution App

Attribution App is an underrated and insanely insightful tool.

Connect it to Segment, and connect your online ads accounts, and it’ll show you multi-touch attribution for how all your marketing activities play together. It’ll show you how much revenue your emails actually drive, and all manner of other valuable insights.


Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is a comprehensive A/B testing tool. Because it changes the page layout, it cannot be configured via Segment - you have to place the pixel yourself. We’ve found VWO to be the easiest to use and most affordable AB testing tool on the market today.



AppCues is a powerful onsite marketing tool. You can use it for things such as new product announcements for when users log in, all the way to onsite offers such as offering customer support. It onboards all your Segment data and allows you to not only target off that, but also use that content to personalise the content you show users.

privy digioh

Digioh or Privy

The best two options for Exit Intent are either digioh which is a rather expensive solution but integrates robustly with Segment, or Privy which is an affordable and easy to use solution but doesn’t integrate with Segment. We recommend getting a demo of Digioh since integrating it with Segment is really valuable.