Better Net Promoter Score Surveys

Let FoxGrowth setup your Net Promoter Surveys.

Let FoxGrowth configure your NPS implementation

We'll implement NPS holistically within your customer lifecycle

No More Email Tools

We use your existing email marketing vendor as the email vendor. This not only allows you to ensure your unsubscriptions are managed, but also means that your NPS email fits perfectly alongside your other emails.


Triggered off Segment

Instead of triggering your NPS survey off when your user signs up for your service, we configure it off when the user starts using your service. This results in a much more robust NPS reporting framework, since scores are tied to when they are actually extracting value from your service.

We take this a step further, and actually write the NPS data back to Segment too: this allows you to leverage this data not only in customer support follow up, but in other programs too: sending referral emails to promoters, opting detractors from marketing emails, etc.

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$ 1500
Implement NPS

We'll setup NPS with the following tools:

  • Customer.IO
  • Appcues
  • Satismeter
  • Segment

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