B2B SaaS Bundle

If you’re a business to business software as a service business, here is a number of tools that’ll essentially give you a commanding head start at becoming your own VP of Growth.



We always recommend Segment.com as your customer data layer. A customer data layer allows you to onboard your data and export it to various tools. Whereas ecommerce has easy to use platforms like Shopify, that allow one click installations of Segment, with SaaS you typically have to set it up yourself. Fortunately, we’ve here to help.



If you’re a SaaS business you’re going to be blown away by customer.io. It is a comprehensive email automation platform that works natively with Segment. You can do everything from welcome emails, to sales rep nurture sequences, to product and growth emails. All in one tool.


Attribution App

Attribution App is an underrated and insanely insightful tool.

Connect it to Segment, and connect your online ads accounts, and it’ll show you multi-touch attribution for how all your marketing activities play together. It’ll show you how much revenue your emails actually drive, and all manner of other valuable insights.


Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is a comprehensive A/B testing tool. Because it changes the page layout, it cannot be configured via Segment - you have to place the pixel yourself. We’ve found VWO to be the easiest to use and most affordable AB testing tool on the market today.



AppCues is an exceptional onsite tool for SaaS products. Enable this tool via Segment and you can not only serve marketing messages within application, but you can specifically target them based on all of your Segment data. It’s like email marketing automation but onsite, and thus 10x the engagement.



Clearbit is an amazing service that gives you even more data about the users you already have. For example, it’ll tell you the name of the company they work for, the company size, the persons job title, and so on. Why does this matter? because this data rolls back into Segment and then can be inserted into any of the tools mentioned above!